[W]e revisit if we can learn a generalizable hate speech detection model for the cross platform setting, where we train the model on the data from one (source) platform and generalize the model across multiple (target) platforms. Existing generalization models rely on linguistic cues or auxiliary information, making them biased towards certain tags or certain kinds of words (e.g., abusive words) on the source platform and thus not applicable to the target platforms. Inspired by social and psychological theories, we endeavor to explore if there exist inherent causal cues that can be leveraged to learn generalizable representations for detecting hate speech across these distribution shifts. To this end, we propose a causality-guided framework, PEACE, that identifies and leverages two intrinsic causal cues omnipresent in hateful content: the overall sentiment and the aggression in the text. We conduct extensive experiments across multiple platforms (representing the distribution shift) showing if causal cues can help cross-platform generalization.


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