This paper aims to explain our group SSN_NLP_MLRG submission to HASOC 2021: Hate speech and offensive language detection in English and Indo-Aryan language, wherein we discover one of a kind models to carry out the subtask1 includes subtask A: To discover the remarks is Hate speech and offensive (HOF) or now not and subtask B: to categorize the HOF remarks into profanity (PRFN), Hate speech (HATE), Offensive (OFFN) in English, Hindi language and subtask A in Marathi language. The experiments cowl unique gaining knowledge of strategies that consist of gadget getting to know, transfer studying, and Multilingual pre-educated models. Our exceptional fashions are Roberta for English subtask A, BERT for English subtask B, and MBERT for the Hindi subtask A, Hindi subtask B, and Marathi subtask A.

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