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As of today, the posts which I file on LinkedIn will include theoretical texts and resources on mis-/disinformation. The to-be-included documents – which can also comprise video or audio recordings – will encompass academic and other general material, news and, to some extent, have a focus on capacity-building. Preliminary results of a recent LinkedIn poll show that my connections and followers welcome the inclusion of the above-mentioned subject matter.

Since 2017, I have filed more than 13,000 posts on the LinkedIn platform about preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE), which were later completed by pieces on countering hate and bullying. With much success: for instance, post impressions reached a record of over 6,000 on one single day in mid-2024. That number is near-equal to the amount of my connections and followers, which has surpassed the number of 6,400 since January 2024…

Should you know colleagues or friends who would be interested in knowing more on P/CVE, on countering hate and about mis-/disinformation, please refer them to my LinkedIn profile. In order to access the latest posts of mine, just visit the page with my most recent LinkedIn posts (see link below).

Thank you for your support that has allowed me to bring to the attention to experts and practitioners the aforementioned, pertinent topics.

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
23 February 2024

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