Browse and read from a list of the 150 most popular LinkedIn resources dealing with soft counter-extremism and countering hate speech, as posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of April 2024.

The Top 5 resources, as part of the current issue:

  1. Combating the Terrorist Stigma: Communicating Rehabilitation and Reducing Barriers to Reintegration (Terrorism and Political Violence):
  2. Tackling Online Hate In Football With Sky Sports News (Leeds Beckett University):
  3. High-Level African Counter-Terrorism Meeting in Abuja, Nigeria (UNOCT):
  4. UNODC Supports Member States in the Sahel to Promote Meaningful Youth Engagement in Preventing Violent Extremism (UNODC):
  5. Insights into Rehabilitating Violent Extremists: A Critical Approach (Homeland Security Today):

Background: since 2017, we have filed more than 14,000 shares on LinkedIn to a network of – now – about 6,600 followers and connections – with links to articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization, on countering hate, and on the theory of mis-/disinformation. This is one of the reviews of the posts. Each two weeks, the full list of resources, made up of direct links – ordered according to content performance – features in full on the website

Free eLearning webinar…
Disinformation, Elections & Democracy: How journalists can spot and disarm current tactics to influence voters – Journalism Institute (National Press Club Journalism Institute):

eLearning course in German…
VIVA Verschwö­rungs­denken individuell verstehen und auffangen (Violence Prevention Network):

The power of moral conviction: How it catalyzes dogmatism, intolerance, and violence (Paris Institute for Advanced Study):

The Roles of Trauma and Mental Health in Preventing Domestic Radicalization and Violent Extremism (National Institute of Justice Journal):

Ghana: Cyber Security Authority Engages Tech Providers to Counter Misinformation Powered By AI (allAfrica):

Does Africa need a rethink on tackling violent extremisim? (Focus on Africa, BBC):

Launch Ceremony and Workshop on Countering Violent Extremism Through Community Engagement (UNODC):

Policy Paper on Countering and Preventing Meso-Level drivers of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism in MENA and Balkans (Connekt):

News, Video…
Why We Believe: The Psychology, Reality, And Future Of The Disinformation Crisis (PEN America): (News) (Video)

Human Rights-Based Approaches to Preventing Terrorists and Violent Extremists from Exploiting Digital Platforms (GIFCT):

The difference between disinformation and misinformation, and how to do your own analysis (The Globe and Mail, Canada):

When enough is enough: terrorism, counterterrorism, and public opinion (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

Ghana needs new counter-terrorism Act to tackle radicalised youth – CISA (Modern Ghana):

Most popular AI chatbots providing ‘unintentional’ misinformation to users ahead of EU elections (euronews):

Social media: a digital social mirror for identity development during adolescence (Current Psychology):

Tackling Radicalisation Risks in the Balkans: Multi-level Complexities and Policy Solutions (Connekt):

Gove unveils new extremism definition to tackle ‘challenge’ to democracy (pa media, UK via Yahoo! News):

Information Technology for Detecting Fakes and Propaganda Based on Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis (Qeios):

Joint Study on Drivers of Radicalisation in Balkans (Connekt):

Religious Education and Prevention of Violent Radicalization: Analysis of Catholic and Islamic Education Curricula in Spain (The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society):

Generative AI is already helping fact-checkers. But it’s proving less useful in small languages and outside the West (Reuters Institute & University of Oxford):

Understanding radicalization: New research highlights the online pathway to indoctrination (PsyPost):

The UN Counter-Terrorism Agenda and its Linkages to Broader Prevention, Peacebuilding, and Peace Enforcement Efforts (New York University Center on International Cooperation):

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prison directors further enhance knowledge on effective management of violent extremist prisoners (Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo):

New strategy in war on extremism big leap to ending the menace (The Standard, Kenya):

Fighting misinformation online (International Journalism Festival):

Women journalists bear the brunt of cyberbullying (France24):

King advises political leaders to avoid extremism in giving opinions on religious, racial issues (The Edge, Malaysia):

HateXplain: A Benchmark Dataset for Explainable Hate Speech Detection (OECD AI Policy Observatory):

Promoting Societal Peace: Collaborative Efforts of CPC and FNF MENA (Friedrich Naumann Foundation):

RAGAR, Your Falsehood RADAR: RAG-Augmented Reasoning for Political Fact-Checking using Multimodal Large Language Models (arXiv):

DHS fills out AI safety board with major tech execs (Federal News Network):

The life of children in families affiliated with terrorism: an ecological systems theory approach (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

What are climate misinformation and disinformation and what is their impact? (LSE):

People Trust News That Fuels Political Extremism More (Mirage News):

New UNESCO report warns social media affects girls’ well-being, learning and career choices (UNESCO):

EU elections: How is Europe preparing for possible disinformation campaigns?

Digital media literacy programs: overview, good practices and potential problems (

New podcast on dis- and misinformation in elections. Spreading Facts. (Unsettling Extremism):

Connector Chat: Science journalism and communication in the misinformation era (CASW ScienceWriting):

Cyberbullying Impact and Prevention Tips (ESS Global Training Solutions):

CEDAR – Continuing Education Against Radicalisation (European Commission):

Climate Security and Misinformation: A Baseline (Council on Strategic Risks):

Prevent duty training: Learn how to support people susceptible to radicalisation (GOV.UK):

How young, vulnerable people get radicalised (ABC News, Australia):

Preventing Bullying in Schools (AfiaTv, Nigeria):

Bogor hosts Southeast Asia Regional Seminar on EU Engagement in Counter Terrorism and Preventing Violent Extremism (Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam):

‘Radicalisation’ and ‘Countering radicalisation’: The emergence and expansion of a contentious concept (Universiteit Gent):

Addressing Hate Crime in the 21st Century: Trends, Threats, and Opportunities for Intervention (Annual Reviews):

Fake profiles and time spent online during the COVID 19 pandemic: a real risk for cyberbullying? (Current Psychology):

UNESCO report spotlights harmful effects of social media on young girls (United Nations): (News) (Report)

Facts, values, and the epistemic authority of journalism: How journalists use and define the terms fake news, junk news, misinformation, and disinformation (sciendo):

Building resilience in mental health practitioners: Caring for our caregivers (EU RAN):

Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (Hansard, UK Parliament):


DeactivHate: An Educational Experience for Recognizing and Counteracting Online Hate Speech (IJCoL):

Addressing Violent Extremism in the MENA Region (Connekt):

Persistence of Rumours and Hate Speech Over the Years: the Manchester Arena Bombing (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis):

Department of communication and media researchers win 2024 best paper award (Science X):

Nigeria needs an anti-bullying policy (Punch, Nigeria):

Bullying and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms Among Adolescents of Public Schools in Colombia: A Cross-Sectional Study (Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma):

Government wants to pass amended hate speech Bill before next general election (, Ireland):

Social Media Influence on Emerging Adults’ Prosocial Behavior: A Systematic Review (Basic and Applied Social Psychology):

RECAP: NCITE Speaker Series with Cynthia Miller-Idriss (University of Nebraska Omaha; NCITE): (Recap, University of Nebraska Omaha) (Video, NCITE)

Challenging Gender Biases in Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (Connekt):

The Ethics of Advanced AI Assistants (Google DeepMind):

Escalating terrorism, extremism in Africa worry AU (APA News):

African leaders call for rethink on tackling violent extremism (Reuters):

The Vocabulary Of Disinformation & Misinformation (Goethe-Institut):

Violence against women active in politics in the EU: A serious obstacle to political participation (European Parliamentary Research Service):

Multilingual Hate Speech Detection: A Semi-Supervised Generative Adversarial Approach (Entropy):

Strategic Framework on preventing and countering violent extremism (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, New Zealand):

Streaming, Chatting, Modding: Eine Kurzexploration extremistischer Aktivitäten auf Gaming- und Gaming-nahen Plattformen (PRIF):

Sydney universities launch database to tackle information disorder (FactCheckHub):

Building Resilience Against Election Influence Operations (IFES):

Transparency Must be a Cornerstone of the Digital India Act (Tech Policy Press):

Multilingual Hate Speech Detection: A Semi-Supervised Generative Adversarial Approach (MDPI):

Detoxing information ecosystems: A proactive strategy for tackling disinformation (DW Akademie):

How Extreme Should the FBI and DHS Be in Removing Extremism from Gaming? (JDSupra):

Fact-checking is the cure for misinformation spread: Stephen Ibelli (The Business Standard, Bangladesh):

Anticipating the Storm: Mapping Digital Threats to the 2024 European Parliament Elections (Democracy Reporting International):

Investigatory powers enhanced to keep people safer (UK-GOV):

How to Handle Online Harassment When It Happens to You (Wired):

Code Red: Episode 1 (Daily Bruin):

Statement on removal of extreme violent content (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

Australian researchers launch global misinformation database. The world-first platform will cover fake news, AI regulation (InformationAge):

Joint Study on Drivers of Radicalisation in MENA (Connekt):

Australia. National cabinet to meet on violence against women, with Albanese saying everyone ‘must do better’ (The Conversation):

Australia must act now on its crisis of male violence and misogynist ideology (ASPI):

What is the Definition of Extremism in the UK? ft. Professor Paul Thomas (Fever Radio):

How to combat bullying with AI (Women in Tech Sweden):

Inoculating students against Disinformation in a Post Truth Society (SUNY CPD, State University of New York):

A new Mozilla report exposes major flaws in social media ad libraries (NiemanLab):

Government seeks public feedback on major expansion of eSafety powers (ABC News, Australia):

Proof of biased behavior of Normalized Mutual Information (Nature):

An Adaptive Hate Speech Detection Approach Using Neutrosophic Neural Networks for Social Media Forensics (Tech Science Press):

Peer cybervictimization and cyberaggression as a function of developmental stage during adolescence: A preliminary study (Acta Psychologica):

Fake news and misinformation: Sydney universities launch new database (The University of Sydney):

Attitudes to who should be responsible for identifying and countering online disinformation worldwide as of September 2023, by HDI (statista):

Lightweight Language Agnostic Data Sanitization Pipeline for Dealing with Homoglyphs in Code-Mixed Languages (in book ‘Speech and Language Technologies for Low-Resource Languages’):

Police warn and inform against bullying in schools (

Khan review on threats to social cohesion and democratic resilience (House of Commons Library):

Countering terrorism in the Sahel region: an ongoing battle and the new Joint Force between Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso (Mondo Internazionale):

Decline in hate crime reports to police welcomed (Scottish Legal News):

International sample of adolescents shows many experience weight-related bullying online, especially social media users (Medical XPress via Microsoft Start):

New Report Highlights Best Practices to Counter Election Disinformation (GMF Alliance for Securing Democracy):

Tech Against Terrorism Welcomes UK Proscription of Terrorgram (Tech Against Terrorism):

The how’s and how often’s of school harassment: How do they influence the academic achievement of adolescents over time? (Studies in Educational Evaluation):

Three-quarters of public fear misinformation will affect UK elections – report (The Standard, UK):

Africa governments urged to combat women abuses, bullying online (Ghana News Agency):

US, Italy agree to work together to counter spread of misinformation (Reuters):

Social Media Fake News Breaches People’s Freedom of Speech (JETIR, India):

Case management interventions seeking to counter radicalisation to violence and related forms of violence: A systematic review (Campbell Systematic Reviews):

Digital 2023: Global Overview Report (Datareportal):

Violence against women active in politics in the EU: A serious obstacle to political participation (Think Tank, European Parliament):

‘Let’s build a system to keep children safe online’ – Meet Almudena Lara, child protection policy lead (Ofcom):

Determinants of individuals’ belief in fake news: A scoping review determinants of belief in fake news (PLoS One):

Potential risks of content, features, and functions: The science of how social media affects youth (American Psychological Association):

Exploring Boundaries and Intensities in Offensive and Hate Speech: Unveiling the Complex Spectrum of Social Media Discourse (arXiv):

How gendered disinformation on social media harms Kenyan women seeking political office (Global Voices advox):

Virtualism, Cyberviolence and Hate Speech in the Metaverse: What Impact for Criminal Justice? (Academy of European Law):

Prevent: Extremism and Radicalisation. One Minute Guide (North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership):

Links between Terrorism and Migration: An Exploration (ICCT):

IEEE Computer Society: Ilene Klein, CISSP, CISM: Lies Damned Lies, and Disinformation Event (IEEEComputerSociety):

Cross-regional study on radicalisation in MENA and Balkans (Connekt):

How AI impacts on academic publishing (hepi, UK):

Behind the Paper: Shockwaves Link (Anti)Social Behavior Across the Internet (Nature): (Background) (Paper)

Should the First Amendment protect hate speech? (So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast):

Regional expert-level conference on addressing the digital information disorder, terrorism and violent extremism concluded in Ulaanbaatar (OSCE):

From entertainment to extortion: Tunisian children’s online experiences (Child Abuse & Neglect):

Global Local Executive Panel: Strategies for tackling misinformation in local government (Local Government Information Unit):

Inside the echo chamber: Linguistic underpinnings of misinformation on Twitter (arXiv):

Policy Brief on Countering and Preventing Meso-Level Drivers in MENA and the Balkans (Connekt):

Innovative app aims to combat hate speech online (CyprusMail):

Policy Paper on Countering and Preventing Micro-Level Drivers of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism in MENA and Balkans (Connekt):

Cross-Platform Hate Speech Detection with Weakly Supervised Causal Disentanglement (arXiv):

Collective efforts to prevent sexual harassment, cyber bullying stressed (BSS News, Bangladesh):

Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2024 ( Lords Chamber, Hansard, UK Parliament):

Beyond Definitions: The Need for a Comprehensive Human Rights-Based UK Extremism Policy Strategy (ISD):

Rebuilding Trust In Health By Addressing Information Challenges (Edelman):

Disinformation: sources, spread and impact (Post Note, UK Parliament):

Launch of Study Report Regional and Cross Border Responses Towards Disinformation in Southeast Asia (CSIS Indonesia):

Free articles and analyses on counter-extremism, on countering hate, and on the theory of mis-/disinformation:
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