The report is a component of the Preventing Redressing & Inhibiting hate Speech in new Media (PRISM) Project, which is being carried out in Italy, France, Spain, Romania, and the UK under the direction of Associazione Arci. The European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme is providing financial assistance for this project. The initiative intends to create practical methods and approaches for encouraging improved language use, a respectful culture, and the negative effects of hate speech. The paper looks at the legal concepts from both European and international law that can be used to stop hate crimes, especially hate speech. It examines the relationship between hate speech and racism, discrimination, and freedom of expression as well as the role played by international law, the European Union, and the Council of Europe in combating hate-based crimes. A comparative analysis of national laws and their impact on hate crimes and hate speech across the United States is also included in the report. Additionally, the study provides comprehensive national studies that look at the relevant legal frameworks and practices, as well as the reporting and procedural systems already in place and the body of knowledge about discrimination, hate crimes, and hate speech.

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